Genau emerged from the vision of the international market that took the company into the European market offering Brazilian products. From this interaction, it was also included into Genau's  portfolio, companies already operating as exporter into Brazilian market that needed a secure partner to look after their business in land.

In this manner, Genau started to export and import several products. Today, the main core business is service, consulting in commercialize and international business, Genau have customer wallet and partners very reputable in theirs segments.

Genau count with high qualified professionals with great knowledge of the international market, know-how in exporte and fluent in English and German languages.

Our services

Consulting and analizing of international market - Focus in the European market, with bigger acting in the German market
Analyze and prospection of customers to inclusion of national products into international.
Negotiation , management and follow up of product importation into the national market
Management of exportation process
Management of importation process